I grew up in Israel, drawing and painting as long as I can remember.

After the army, I went to the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where I earned a B.A in visual communication. For a while after, I worked as a TV game designer.

Then, I was awarded a Research Scholarship in Japan for two years. It is there that I discovered the wonderful world of Illustrating children books. When I returned to Israel, I started working as an illustrator and graphic designer. Nowadays, I split my career between illustrating children books, magazines, textiles, and other visual projects, and designing brand image: ads, online marketing campaigns, logos, business cards, for clients big and small. I love experimenting with different techniques, styles, and materials, working with a rich assembly of elements and textures. I aim to make things beautiful - ensuring that every project is uniquely reflective of the story behind it.



שירלי ויסמן, מאיירת ספרי ילדים ומעצבת גרפית מקצועית. 

סיימתי תואר ראשון בתקשורת חזותית בבצלאל, ולאחר מכן קיבלתי מלגה ללימודי איור מסורתי ביפן.

כיום אני בעיקר מאיירת ספרי ילדים ומעצבת אתרים, כרטיסי ביקור ופרסומות.



T: +972-54-2060738


shirleywaisman@gmail.com | שירלי ויסמן - איור ספרי ילדים

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