I grew up in Israel, drawing and painting as long as I can remember.

After the army, I went to the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,

where I earned a B.A in visual communication.

For a while after, I worked as a TV game designer.

Then, I was awarded a Research Scholarship in Japan for two years.

It was while living in Japan that I discovered the wonderful world of Illustrating children books.

When I returned to Israel, I started working as an illustrator and graphic designer.

I have illustrated more than 40 books for children.


Nowadays, I work as a graphic designer at an e-commerce company that has clothing stores on Amazon. In my spare time, I work as a freelancer, illustrating books for children, magazines, and textiles. I have also collaborated in visual projects, designed ads, online marketing campaigns, logos, and business cards. 

I love experimenting with different techniques, styles, and materials.

I use a rich assembly of elements and textures. My main purpose is to create beautiful art, making sure that what I do reflects the story behind.


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Yossi and the Monkeys cover

Children Book

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